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General Regulations

  1. The Organization of the competition is not liable for any injuries, risks or accidents that might occur to the candidates during the entire period of the competition.

  2. The Artistic Director and the Organization of the competition are fully authorized to modify, add or change any of the above and present regulations (singing/conducting/composition and general), if necessary.

  3. Disputes will be decided on by the “Foro Di Roma” and these present regulations in the Italian language shall take precedence over any translations hereof.

  4. The presentation of the application signifies the total and unconditional acceptance of all the paragraphs of these competition regulations, including eventual changes, as mentioned under point 2.

  5. All finalists will receive a golden diploma. All candidates, by request, will receive a Certificate of participation.

  6. The concert of the winners will be registered on DVD or CD. This DVD or CD will be sold for charity issues. Confartigianato and ANAP reserve all rights to record or film on video or audio-tape, CDDVD, film, radio and TV any and all phases of the semi-final and final phases of the competition and the concert of the winners, without remuneration of any kind to anybody.

  7. It is understood that participation in this present competition includes the ceding of any rights to the above-mentioned (6.) recording of the performances given during the concerts of the finalists aired or broadcast through radio or TV. Participation in the finalists’ and/or winners’ concert is part of the finalists’ title and/or of the winners’ prize, and there will be no remuneration of any kind for such participation.

  8. The programme of the winners’ concert, together with the name of the winners themselves, will be proposed as a cultural programme both in Italy and abroad.

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