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Regulations: Conducting

  1. The competition is open to all conductors of both genders and any nationality and has no age limit. A limited number of candidates is accepted. The applications will be accepted in order of their date of receipt.

  2. No specific diplomas are requested; each and every candidate will be assessed with regard to their artistic and technical ability as conductor.

Preliminary Phase:*

15 minute exam: about the basic knowledge of conducting (recognizing symphonies from a full score excerpt, specifics of lyric-symphonic orchestra and its instruments etc.)

Giacomo Puccini:Gianni SchicchiBeginning to Nr. 52, allegro vivo (obligatory)

Giacomo Puccini:La Fanciulla del WestI Atto

Giacomo Puccini:ToscaI Atto

Ruggiero Leoncavallo:I Pagliacci 

Semi - Finals with orchestra:

Igor Stravinsky:
Aaron Copland:
Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky:
Serenata in C per Archi, Op. 48The Jury can determine a specific section or sections in the full score to be read and conducted by the candidate.

Suite de Pulcinella
I Sinfonia, II Serenata, III a) Scherzo, IV Tarantella, V Toccata, VII Vivo, VIII a) Minuetto, VIII b) Finale

Appalachian Spring
Suite for 13 instruments

Finals with orchestra:

L. v. Beethoven:Symphony N° 21 e IV Movement

L. v. Beethoven:Symphony N° 3Tutta

L. v. Beethoven:Symphony N° 41 e II Movement

L. v. Beethoven:Symphony N° 51 Movement

L. v. Beethoven:Symphony N° 6II Movement

L. v. Beethoven:Symphony N° 7III Movement

L. v. Beethoven:Symphony N° 9Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso, Molto Vivace

L. v. Beethoven:EgmontOuverture

Sergej S. Prokof’ev:Sinfonia Classica1, IV Tempo

Felix Mendelssohn-B.:Sinfonia N° 4 

Gioacchino Rossini:Il Barbiere di SevigliaSinfonia

Gioacchino Rossini:CenerentolaSinfonia



       3. Applications, completed online through the section on the site, must be received no later than 10                             November 2022.

       4.  The candidates will be informed by phone, fax or e-mail by the secretary of the competition about when              they have to present themselves to the preliminary phase at the chosen location.
            The Jury will consist of artistic directors, conductors, music critics and other personalities from the                        international music scene. Each member of the jury will put in writing any relationship they might have              with the candidates.
            At the eliminatory phase, candidates must present their identification document.
            The jury may interrupt the candidate at any time. The verdict of the jury is final and irrevocable.

*The preliminary phase is being offered every year. After every preliminary phase (every year) the 5 candidates with the highest scores are selected (max. 10 candidates). Any candidate who in odd numbered years hasn’t been chosen as a semifinalist, can participate again at the preliminaries of the following year, without having to pay the application fee again (as long as the application is received in our offices before the competition’s deadline).

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